“Since I had to take over everything for my family, CRM has been there to help me understand all the things I knew nothing about including things outside of the business. They are so knowledgeable and kind and feel more like family to me than just folks running a business. They do a wonderful job and I’m confident they can do the same for you.”

Austin TX

“Our family has royalty and mineral interests which have been managed by three generations. As the management of our interests have been passed on to the next generation there has been a decline in the knowledge base of the oil and gas business as family members pursued other business interests. The family wants to maintain these interests and began looking for professional help. We considered individuals, bank trust departments and management companies to take over the management of these minerals. In 2017 we decided to go with CRM LP.

The process of transferring the management has been very professional and CRM handled the “heavy lifting” on the paper work with the purchasers and banks. The reporting and management by the CRM team has been exceptional who are always more than willing to address any concerns we have. I would highly recommend CRM to anyone looking for a professional oil and gas management company.”

T.B., General Partner
Austin, TX

Catoico Resource Management LP has “exceeded greatly” our expectations in the management of our mineral property portfolio and we are “delighted” with their services.  The highlight of our relationship with CRM LP has been them “discovering substantial royalties totally missed by previous administrator – some dating back to 1935!  If you are looking for an efficient, dedicated, professional team to administer your oil royalties, look no further.”  We would “absolutely” recommend CRM LP to others.

C.J.S., Principal
London, England UK